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Here are the biggest mistakes Jolin Media sees in other business's websites:

Too Complicated

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to websites is making them too complicated. Your site should serve a single purpose - generate sales. 

No "Words that Sell"

Another mistake is that businesses use a designer that is more concerned with how flashy the site is, or the "feel" of the site rather than the structure of the words being used. 

No Call-to-Action

Similar to using flashy words, another mistake is that websites do not tell the customer where they should go, or what they should do next. 

Solutions that take the "struggle" out of marketing.

Your company website is often the first impression on a potential client, and is probably your most important sales tool. At Jolin Media, we specialize in online presence, from responsive web design and development to SEO services and lead generation. We use our suite of tools to customize your online presence to meet the needs of your business, and ultimately, the needs of your clients.


Web Presence & SEO

Jolin Media uses custom programming to develop state of the art web design that stands out from other websites. 

Lead Generation Tools

Maximize your website capabilities using integrated tools that capture potential leads from those that visit your website. 

Responsive Design

Your website will flow and look it's best on all devices and in all browsers, no matter what media platforms are being used. 

Analyze Results

Receive easy-to-understand reports on your site's performance, see where leads are coming from, and update or make adjustments along the way. 

Consider your website your first location.

At Jolin Media, we believe a website is more than just flashy information about your company - it is a sales tool.  It is an extension of your business or sales process. It is your company brochure, sales rep, receptionist and online representation of your business and process, all in one location! A modern website should establish your credibility, capture your visitor's information, and allow them to either purchase from you through the website, or easily contact you so you can help them with their needs and the solutions they’re searching for. 

Our process is quite simple.

1.) Schedule a Meeting.

Meet with us so we can learn more about your businness and help define where you want to go. 

2.) Create a Plan.

Together we will create a specific plan to accomplish your goals. 

3.) Get Results.

Succeed stress-free in today's competitive (noisy) market. 


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